This website belong to remote sensing research lab of New Mexico State university under supervision of Dr. Theodor Sammis.

This project addresses current management issues in deciduous tree crops, to optimize resource use. We strive to provide:

  • Management recommendations for tree crops which are site-specific, time-specific and adaptive to local conditions.
  • Fertilization and irrigation programs which account for variation in space and time.
  • Guidelines for nitrogen and water management for the ongoing refinement of Best Management Practices.

    Specific project goals are to:

      1-Quantify and manage spatial and temporal variability of production parameters in orchards and
      2) Develop tools to allow site and year specific nutrient and water management.

    To address these goals, three integrated activities are being undertaken:
    This a a multipdisplinary research progect that includes Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California, New Mexico State University department of Environmental and Plant Science, and Texas A & M University.

    The main focus of the research is on Almonds orchards in California and Pecan Orchards in New Mexico and Texas. The remote sensing evapotranspiration tool being developed in New Mexico is applicable over all states. Tennessee State University has joined the research group to conduct remote sensing related research.